Detection Dogs find Koalas in the Bush

Detection Dogs at USC are sniffing out solutions to save a dwindling koala population. In the aftermath of our bushfires their work is vital.

Finding his music in the outback

A year teaching in the Northern Territory has shaped Jason’s music and for the first time, he’s finally comfortable with his sound.

Lucas Protopapas defies odds

Born with diplegic cerebral palsy, Lucas Protopapas never let his situation stop his dreams. He has since been a world and Australian Champion bowler.

Dealing with Lonlieness in our elderly

Over 50% of those aged 65 and over in Australia report feeling lonely. Days before this interview Bev’s wife, passed away this was his first day alone.

Memories of Vietnam don’t fade quickly for Kerry

Over 50 years barely telling a sould Kerry White has chosen to share his story of his time in the war and the psychological trauma he faced after.

Jason Daniel’s Musical Journey

From the Blue Mountains to the Sunshine Coast, for Jason music is his opportunity to help connect people with stories they can relate to.

Regurgitator are still intense after 25 years

Australia’s off-beat rockers are still going, whether it’s their album Headroxx or their new kids album their gigs are intense and high energy.

Love, God and the Bachelor

Love, a word used to characterise an omniscient, God is used to describe the “quest” of a former rugby player to find a girlfriend doesn’t make sense to me.

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